24Pcs/3Bags Chinese Traditional Medical Plaster, Capsicum Plaster Arthritis Bone Pain Relieving Hot Patch,Joint Pain Killer

Applicable to people: Office worker,driver,sportsman,elderly ect. Main ingrediants:Reticulate millettia, saline cistanche, davallia mariesii, Chain fern, wild celery, safflower, spignet, corydalis and borneol etc. Pain relieving: Relieving minor muscle and joint aches and pains associated with simple backache, arthritis, sprains, strains and bruises, as well as inflammation. Usage: 1.Wash affected part and wipe it dry 2.… Read More »

A Guide to Dosage of oxycodone 5-325

Oxycodone 5mg is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. Oxycodone 5-325 means 5mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen. It is actually a combination medication of two main ingredient oxycodone and acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a less powerful pain reliever but increases the effects of oxycodone. The combination medication is used to relieve… Read More »

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Genexa Homeopathic Cold Crush for Children: The Only Certified Organic Kids Cold & Cough Medicine. Physician Formulated, Natural & Non-GMO Verified (60 Chewable Tablets)

It’s hard to watch your child struggle with a cold. Help treat your child’s cold symptoms safely with Genexa’s Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified cold and cough medicine. Cold Crush helps provide homeopathic cold relief for symptoms including congestion and mucus, cough and sore throat, and runny nose and sneezing. With less fillers and organic… Read More »